Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Oosh...finally...exams are all over...1 more sem to go and I'm all out of uni, or am I? Haha

Life is pretty hectic even after exams, alot to read and alot more to learn. Suddenly realised that life is so short, and I dun have enough time to achieve my goals (becomign some1 famous?)

First thing first...get a good result for my exams. This task is definitely not easy...let alone getting a scholarship for my postgrad. o.O ...fantastic...

I'm Turning into a GEEK
Seriously, I used to play alot of computer games...and now...I'm reading Quantum Physics~!!...o.O thanx to my bro. xD

Not his fault actually, I kinda like QM (quantum mechanics) the least i think it's related to our nature, feng shui, and even the unexplained (ie Black hole, bermuda triangle)...Whoah...jzu the dosage I need to kill my curiosity.

Some interesting stuff i found out <--check this 1 concept

Random encounter
I saw some enormous DOG today...

That lady is prolly about 180cm tall, and that dog...that duffus...he'll prolly eat me for breakfast if I ever stepped on his tail...

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